Team Building Activities - Lyon

Tresure Hunt in Lyon Old Town

  • Duration 3h
    Duration 3h
  • Walking Tour
    Walking Tour
  • Challenge / Sport Activity
    Challenge / Sport Activity
  • Guiding English / French
    Guiding English / French
  • Group 25 pers. max
    Group 25 pers. max
  • Flat shoes and jacket
    Flat shoes and jacket

What better way to discover the wealths and jewels of Old Lyon than with a treasure hunt? In teams of 4-6 participants, your party explore the Renaissance district and answer questions that will lead them to a treasure! Time to pull out your map...


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Highlights of the Treasure hunt in Lyon Old Town

At an agreed time, our facilator welcomes your group on St Jean Square located in the heart of Lyon Old Town. 

After the presentations, he explains the game, then divides the group into teams of 4 to 6 people and give each of them a map and a booklet with questions. The treasure hunt in Lyon Old Town can now begin!

On the program, the discovery of the Saint Jean, Saint Georges and Saint Paul districts and its main monuments which make up the history of Lyon.

During the treasure hunt, participants make different stops and answer questions which will reveal, through the clues collected, the exact location where their treasure is hidden.

In a good mood, they take several traboules, observe, think, draw and take several pictures with their Guignol theater mascot.

Team spirit, observation, reflection and good humor are essential to find the treasure and become the winning team!

A treasure hunt in Old Lyon district full of surprises, not be missed!