Team Building Activities - Lyon

Wine Tasting Initiation

  • Duration 2h
    Duration 2h
  • wine tasting
    wine tasting
  • Meeting facility
    Meeting facility
  • Guiding English / French
    Guiding English / French
  • Group 16 pers. max
    Group 16 pers. max

Learn the wine-tasting basics as you please your colleagues and friends when you are in Lyon. Through a 2 hours course and 6 wines, discover the art of swirling, sniffing and sipping with one of our wine expert:


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Introduction to wine tasting - 2 hours - 6 wines:

In the morning or afternoon, our wine expert welcomes you in his lovely tasting room located in the heart of Lyon or another meeting facility if we need to. Each participant will be given a wine-tasting notebook with geographical maps and at the end a summary of the explanations.

The wine tasting introduction course begins with a flask game where participants have to find the different wine aromas. We will also discuss about wine defects.

Then the different stages of wine-tasting are described with an introduction to the gestures and wine vocabulary:

Look: Is the wine clear or cloudy, bright or lifeless, intense or not deep? What is its color and its hue.

Smell: first, breathe the wine's aromas in a series of light sniffs. Then swirl the wine around the glass and repeat the process. Do you smell fruits, flowers, vegetables, spices, etc.?

Taste: put the wine in your mouth and assess acidity, bitterness and learn to describe tannins. Are they soft, pleasant, harsh or silky? Is the wine well-balanced? How long does it stay in your mouth?

Along the wine-tasting course, enjoy 3 white wines and 3 red wines from the Lyon's surrounding wine regions, learn about soils, geography and grape varietals: gamay, syrah, chardonnay, viognier, pinot noir, etc.

During the session, participants put into practice their newly acquired wine knowledge and discuss together about their wine perception in a fun easy way.

A small cheese and cold meats platter accompanies the tasting and allows surprising food and wine pairings.

You have just entered the fascinating and magical world of wine ...