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With more than 2000 restaurants, Lyon is ready to honors its status of France's gastronomy capital! Bouchons, brasseries, gourmet restaurants will delight you with a wide number of dishes and specialities:


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Bouchon restaurants:

In Lyon, restaurants serving typical Lyons food are called “Bouchon”.
The name “bouchon” (cork in English) would come from the time when restaurants hung a bundle of branches ("bousche" in Lyons dialect) to indicate their establishment.
Today, a bouchon restaurant is the must do restaurant to experience lyon specialities.
In a typical setting with small tables covered with red and white checkered tablecloths, savor quenelles (natural or flavoured dumpling), chicken liver soufflé, brioche pork sausage, andouillettes lyonnaises (trips prepared the lyon's way), cervelle de Canuts (cottage cheese with herbs, garlic and onions), tarte praline (praline tart), etc.
Be careful, you better finish your plate because Guignol and Gnafron puppets are watching you!

Gastronomic Restaurants:

During your seminar in Lyon, share a moment of pure pleasure with your employees savoring the cuisine of the great chefs!
With or without stars, there is a wide choice of gastronomical restaurants in Lyon proposing different atmospheres, styles and budgets.
Share this special experience with you team during your corporate event in Lyon and enter the legend of the Mères Lyonnaises (Lyon's Mothers) and Mister Paul Bocuse.

Brasserie Restaurants:

In the past, it was an establishment where they used to make their own beer and served simple meals.
Today, brasseries restaurants are a good choice for fresh delicious cuisine served in the lively and friendly atmosphere.
Are you ready for the experience?

Lyon Halles Food Market:

Enjoy a delicious culinary experience in this temple of gastronomy!
Stroll through the alleyways and appreciate the wonderful display of fresh products and regional specialities on the colourful stalls.
Create your own apéritif time with some oysters with a glass of white wine, a plate of Lyon charcuterie or perfectly matured cheese.
Then, finish the visit in one of the several restaurants of Less Halles de Lyon Food Market.

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