Tour No. 16

1 hour

€ 95 / person
(minimum 5 inducted)


* Brotherhood certificate and silver taste-vin included.

* Enthronement ceremony in English.

If inducted people < 5, prices on request

* Booking at least 72 hrs in advance.

Wine Ceremonies


Would you like to make your winery dinner or wine tasting event very special and unique? Surprise your guests scheduling a Wine Brotherhood venue to induct chosen colleagues, partners, clients or friends. Prepare your cameras!!


Several members of a Wine Confrérie dressed up with black ornate robes, yellow scarves and traditional Beaujolais hats call the candidates to the brotherhood membership to start with the ritual.

The initiation ceremony includes several fun & friendly ordeals:
-Loyalty oath to the brotherhood & Beaujolais wine;
-Beaujolais tasting in the sacred brotherhood cup;
-Dubbing toward St Vincent Statue, patron saint of winemakers;

The ceremony concludes with big applauses and newly inducted members receive a silver taste-vin (tasting cup) and a diploma from the Beaujolais brotherhood.

Wine fraternity ceremonies are perfect to create fun and festive group atmosphere. It’s also an original way to have participants discovering French customs, folklore and traditions from wine countries.





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