Lyon´s Festivals & Events


Nuits de Fourvière Festival:
Every summer, The Nuits de Fourvière open-air festival takes place in the magnificent site of the Lyon’s antique Roman Theatre (4,700 seats). During a period of two months from June to July, the festival puts on stage nearly 50 performances with several concerts, theatre & dance shows and music films programs. In space of 10 years, the Nuits de Fourvière has become a leading theatre event amongst the major international festivals and a must on the Lyon’s summer cultural scene. A festival not to be missed!...

Jazz festival of Vienne:
Located at 20 km south of Lyon, the city of Vienne hosts one of the best annual Jazz Festival in the world. During two weeks (end of June & beginning of July), come to see perform great stars and enjoy some good jazz music in the exceptional setting of Vienne’s Antique Roman theatre (13,500 seats). A unique atmosphere that makes everyone gets on their feet!


Lyon Film Festival:

Since 2009, the City of Lyon, birthplace of the Lumière cinematograph has its own Grand Festival dedicated to 114 years of cinema history. The films, all in their original languages, are presented by different personalities (actors, directors, critics, etc) and are aimed to the general public and film-lovers. The first edition of the festival of Cinema Lumière 2009 paid tribute to the Italian film maker Sergio Leone with Clint Eastwood as special guest. Succumb to all the pleasures offered by masterpieces of the 7th art!

Biennial of Dance:
Every pair years during 4 months, Lyon hosts the Dance Biennial event with more than 700 artists and 160 performances on twenty different sites! The Lyon Dance Biennial is a huge mix of styles (contemporary, classic and urban dance), countries and types of audience aimed to a wide public.


The Festival of Lights:
it is the biggest event in Lyon with 4 millions visitors over four-day festival. Every 8th of December, the people of Lyon place little candle lamps in their windows in honour of the Virgin Mary.

The origins of the festival date to 1643 when France was struck by plague. The municipal councilors promised to pay tribute to Virgin Mary if Lyon was spared. Ever since, on every 8th of December, day of the Immaculate Conception, a solemn procession with candles and offerings was made by the lyonnais to thank Virgin Mary. The 8th of December 1852, a new statue of the Virgin Mary was going to be erected on the top of Fourviere hill, overlooking the city. Unfortunately, ferocious rains fell on the city and the religious authorities wanted to cancel the evening celebrations. In the end the sky cleared up and the people of Lyon spontaneously lit their homes with candles and came out into the streets to celebrate the new statue establishment. Since then, this celebration was then repeated from year to year and the Lyon’s Festival of Lights was born!

Today during the Festival of Lights, Lyon illuminates its main historic building unveiling its architectural treasures and celebrates light in all its forms and techniques. Yes, definitely, Lyon is the other city of lights!