Tour No. 14

Half Day

5 hours duration

€ 160 / person
(minimum 4 people)


* 5 tasted wines.

* Guiding & wine-tasting initiation in English.

* Wine-maker lunch or dinner included.

* Deluxe 8 seats minibus or coach.

* Pick up from and return to Lyon.

* Groups > 8 persons, prices on request.

Wine Tasting Initiation


What could be a better environment than a family winery to learn how to look, smell and taste wine. Let us entertain you as you uncork the mysteries of wine tasting and educate your palate with French wines. Whether you are a complete beginner or just a wine lover, this course is for you!


Early in the morning or in mid afternoon, our wine-maker "expert" in wine tasting welcomes you in his personal cellar of the Beaujolais wine country.

First, visit the vineyards and the winery and learn all the steps of wine making, from grape to wine.

Then, begin the wine-tasting initiation through tasting games, wine-taste 2 whites and 3 reds from different French vineyards and cover a wide range of topics during approx. 2h30:
- Words and gestures of wine-tasting.
- Steps of wine-tasting (sight, breathe, taste, etc.)
- Main aromas and defaults of wine.
- Wine “balance: acidity, mellowness, astringency, etc.
- Wine and food pairing for each of the tasted wines.

Finally, enjoy a traditional "repas vigneron" (wine-maker´s homemade lunch or dinner), accompanied with the best Beaujolais wines from the family winery.

Great atmosphere guaranteed!


Tailor Made Wine Tasting Sessions

Whether your group is made of wine connoisseurs or just beginners, kanpai will create for you the perfect wine-tasting session for a successful corporate event.

First, we will determine with you the best place for your wine tasting session. It can be in Lyon in a nice wine bar or wine shop, or outside the city, in the heart of the Beaujolais or Côtes du Rhône vineyards in a château or at a small boutique family winery.

Then, we will choose together the topic of your wine-tasting session:
• Discover of a wine French region: Bordeaux, Burgundy, Côtes du Rhône or Champagne.
• Overview of French vineyards learning about the different region’s grape varieties, appellation wines and best years.
• Art of wine and food pairing with several games.
• Technology wines versus "terroir" wines.
• How to build and manage your home cellar, etc.

During all our wine-tasting session, participants will taste 4 to 6 selected prestiqe wines depending on the chosen topic.

Finally, Kanpai will select for you the best wine expert or oenologist to conduct your tailor made wine-tasting session.


Lunch & Dinner with Sommelier

Would like to make a lunch or dinner really memorable for your colleagues, customers or partners?

A French Sommelier or one of our wine experts comes to share your table in a nice restaurant of Lyon or in its surroundings. During the meal, you will learn all the secrets of food and wine pairing as you experience the best wines for each of your courses.





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