Customer Hospitality

Do you want to make each customer's visit to your establishment a positive and memorable experience?
Are you looking for “something different” for entertaining your clients?
Would you like to make your valued customers & business partners feel special?

Kanpai provides a vast range of corporate hospitality excursion tours & customised activities to Lyon Region & wine countries:

Wine-tasting in Hermitage & Cote Rotie: from € 425.
=> Visit the north Cotes du Rhone Valley and taste prestigious & renowned Rhone Syrah and Viognier wines.

Wine-tasting in Beaujolais: from € 350.
=> Discover France’s prettiest wine region and taste several Beaujolais Crus wines at Château La Chaize or at a small family winery.

Discover Perouges &/or Annecy: from € 300.
=> Visit the Venice of Savoy & enjoy a nice cruise on its magnificent lake or travel back to the Middle Age as you visit the intact medieval town of Perouges.

Golfing & wine tasting: from € 550.
=> Spend the morning playing golf and, in the afternoon go wine-tasting in Hermitage or Beaujolais wine country.

Winery dinner: from € 700.
=> Share the wine-maker's table and experience a "bon vivant" evening at a small Beaujolais family winery.

Wine-tasting classes: from € 600.
=> Learn the art of sniffing, swirling and sipping with our wine expert.

We select for you the best wineries and restaurants and add Kanpai’s expertise with our personal “French Touch”.

Our experienced team of professional guides will look after all your customer's needs from all over the world and make their visit to Lyon enjoyable, stimulating and memorable.

What is our ultimate goal? To help you in building personal customer’ relationships and enhance business opportunities for your company.




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